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Many Homes Are Affected By Different Levels Of Noise

Many different homes in different areas are affected by levels of noise that can be a burden to everyday life. They can interrupt the main time you need peace and quiet which is when you attempt to sleep and throughout the days and weekends with the hustle and bustle of other people’s lives.

Outside Noise Intrusion

Public transport demands have increased and therefore there is an increased chance that you live in the path of at least one form of consistent transport routes. You may live near the local airport; railway or the constant passing of late night and early morning buses. There is no need to accept that these disturbances are just part and parcel of life in your current home. There is also no need to consider moving homes to escape it. Imagine how much money it costs to move home when you include new home costs, selling up, redecorating and moving costs, as well as the time and stress it all involves.

soundproofing solutions for homes

Soundproofing is an effective way to eliminate the exterior noise that is making your home life uncomfortable or as extreme as unbearable. There is little chance that the noise is going to simply disappear so it is time to take action and invest in sound barriers throughout your home or in designated and most affected areas. There are different types of soundproofing and noise insulation and below are a few examples.


Double glazed windows have a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating between 28 and 35, compared to single glazed windows which only have an STC rating of 20. If you do not have the funds for new windows as a sound proofing measure, then think about installing sound curtains. Single Glazed windows will not only allow all of outsides noise into your home but also will cost you more money in the short and long term on energy bills.


Many existing doors allow a lot of noise to seep through in any gaps they may have. Installing thick wooden timber acoustic doors can help bring about a great reduction in sound generated from the outside, usually up to around a 34 to 55 decibel sound reduction. Sound reducing doors are a must to give rooms in your home a complete soundproof effect.


Adding layers of drywall to a wall can make a huge difference, the thicker the drywall, the more noise is likely to be condensed. Walls in newer homes are much thinner than those in older built homes as materials are lighter and much more susceptible to noise travelling between them.

Your home life does not need to be noisy and by considering the areas where you are most affected by noise then rectifying them with soundproofing methods can give you back your peaceful haven.