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Soundproof Your University Digs Before Study Begins

If you are shortly due to set off for University for the first time, it should be one of the most exciting times of your life. You will be looking to enjoy yourself as much as possible, but if should not be forgotten that the main purpose for going should be to get the best possible results that you can. You are sure to be spending a lot of time at your student accommodation and you will probably to have some peace and quiet, particularly when studying.

However, do not be surprised when you arrive if you are greeted by music blaring out from your neighbours, or the sound of the traffic outside. This can be extremely frustrating and has the potential to affect your academic work, so you obviously need to do something about it and you can for just a small cost.

Soundproofing measures can be used to solve and ease the problems of excess noise and there are many different ways of achieving this. Think about replacing your existing curtains with thicker equivalents as you would be surprised at just how much noise these can block out. Speak to the owner of your flat or apartment and see if they would mind replacing your current door with an acoustic alternative as they will cut out the amount of noise that can pass through its timber composition.

If there are gaps appearing in walls, these can be filled in with acoustic foam as walls in newly built accommodation often provide insufficient protection from noise. Other sound insulation products could also help bring an end to your noisy neighbour headaches as no one wants to be falling out with people they have only just met.

You are likely to be living in your digs for two or three years so make sure you take action as soon as possible.