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Main Soundproofing Concerns

There are two main concerns when it comes to sound in the home. Firstly, none of us want to be overly disturbed by noise from the outdoors. On the other hand, we need to be careful about interrupting people via any noise that we create. Acoustic Supplies are used to supply solutions in both cases and have the products to back up our claims as being the number one provider of soundproof products in the UK.

Acoustic foam and soundproofing foam serve two different purposes. Once applied it can provide occupants in the home with the quiet they desire and it can also absorb noise so that it does not filter through to neighbouring buildings. It also helps stop echoing and reverberations. The foam we use is thick without damaging the overall look of a property and will ensure that sound bounces of it.

Products such as our Techmel foam can work wonderfully for such projects. It is flexible and lightweight, and can be cut into appropriate sheets. Although it can be used in the home for extreme noise worries, it can also be applied in recording studios, theatres and cinemas.

How we Can Help

On each of our product pages you will find a technical data sheet and acoustic requirements document which will give you a better idea as to whether they are the right product for your particular requirements. They will also give you guidance as to how each product works best and how it needs to be applied. A soundproofing product incorrectly applied will very often work ineffectively so you need to make sure that your investment proves to be worthwhile.

For those who need a quote on any of our products, you can contact the appropriate Acoustic Supplies office and speak to one of our experienced sales advisors for further information.