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Soundproofing Your Music Venue Could Prevent The Chance of Closure

Music venue The Globe in Cardiff has just undergone £25,000 worth of soundproofing work in order to stay open after previously having their license revoked for excessive noise. If you are having similar problems at your venue then you really ought to think about doing the same thing as the loss of your entertainment license could signal the end of your business and could result in the loss of substantial revenue.

Soundproofing a venue can be an intimidating and arduous task, but by appeasing the local community due to the reduction of noise it can make for a nicer environment and can also benefit your town or city. By being able to book bands and other artists it can not only result in a increase in business for you, but it can also help lift the profile of the area and attract word of mouth recommendations.

The first area you should focus on is soundproofing walls. You can apply silent board to each wall, a slim but effective piece of material which can help keep any noise generated from the banging of drums or playing of strings within the room. Alternatively you could use acoustic sockets which can be pushed into the walls easily and can eliminate the transfer of sound through the walls. If you want to be extra cautious then you could put up enhanced barrier matting, which although composed of a thicker material, it will not bring down the look of a room.

Other noise insulation solutions include products designed for soundproofing ceilings and walls or you could think about installing acoustic doors at each of the exit areas as you would be surprised at how much noise can pass through gaps in old doors.

Follow the above guidelines and you will be well on the way to having your licence application accepted and pleasing the local council.