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Have a quiet christmas with Acoustic Supplies
5 November 2012

T’is The Season To Soundproof

Don’t Let Neighbours Ruin Your Christmas We are fast approaching the party season and for those not involved it can make some…

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Hotel sleeping
16 October 2012

Buy Soundproofing Then Keep Calm And Carry On

Noise Is All Around Us Trying to get away from noise nowadays is a near impossible task. There are so many different…

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Noisy neighbours
4 October 2012

Prevent Neighbour Feuds With Acoustic Supplies

Feuding Neighbours Over Noise We constantly come across news articles which are reporting on the noisy neighbour’s saga that many people are…

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Mum and baby peacefully at home
12 September 2012

Acoustic Supplies – Helping Prevent Noise In The Home

There are certain occasions when you expect to come across noise. Walking up and down a major road, travelling by public transport, listening to music through your headphones, going to the local pub or nightclub are just a few examples. But one place where you do not expect to hear noise, or at least hope that it will not become an issue, is in your home.

Unfortunately, many homeowners aren’t this lucky. Noisy neighbourhoods are prevalent throughout the UK, with the noise generated between households often causing conflict and tension between neighbours….

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Woman and dog taking a nap
20 August 2012

Noise, Noise Go Away!

Noisy Neighbours, Public Transport, next door Pop Stars and any other forms of unwanted noise can drive you and your family mad. Since the development of public transport with more buses, more cars and train lines running through town centres it has become almost impossible to get a good nights sleep. Twin that with the amount of people walking down the road late at night creating noise as well as the potential to get neighbours that don’t know their noise levels and you are staring down the barrel at one noisy home….

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Dad reading baby a book in bed
9 August 2012

Be A Thoughtful Neighbour And Cut Out The Noise With Acoustic Supplies

There have been many social and technological changes over the last few decades which have resulted in some rather loud problems. Although there are numerous positives that have come from this change (some examples being games consoles, 3D TV’s and surround sound) the issue is that the positive effects are easy to adapt to where as many people fail to adapt to the negative issues. The main issue we are talking about is of course noise pollution. Remember, many of these technological changes have come from products that produce sound, things that we have not always had and therefore we may be unaware of their negative consequences….

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6 July 2012

Avoid A Possible Conviction When You Soundproof At Home

As the issue of noise has become a growing concern in the UK, so the punishments handed out by local authorities have become stricter and stricter. Anti-Social Behavioural Orders (ASBOs) are now given readily to persistent offenders, whilst others have had their possessions taken away from them and several have been issued with community service, or in some cases, sent to prison.

The UK population continues to grow at a rapid rate so it is understandable that the level of noise as a consequence has grown with it. The amount of cars, buses, motorbikes, taxis etc. has increased, as has air and rail travel.

To help accommodate these growing numbers of people, housing has also substantially increased so as you can imagine millions of people are living within very close proximity of one another….

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Noisy neighbours
12 June 2012

Tougher Measures Set To Be Employed Against Noisy Neighbours

The curse of the noisy neighbour has become a growing issue in the UK as the population continues to expand.
In order to try and tackle the problem, Home Secretary Theresa May has announced that police are to be given new powers to deal with anti-social behaviour, with fines of up to £2,500 issued to those found to be regularly causing noise-related problems….

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10 May 2012

Expert Soundproofing Installation At Acoustic Supplies

Excess noise can literally drive you up the wall and leave you cursing those who live around you. A home is meant to be a quiet sanctuary you can turn to for the peace and quiet you need after you have a hard or stressful day at work, but this often fails to be the case. Rather than get into a row with your neighbours, why not instead invest in soundproofing….

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12 April 2012

Elderly Neighbour Given ASBO For Causing Excess Noise

Noisiness between neighbouring homes has become a growing problem in the UK. When you hear stories about noise-related disputes you automatically presume that the issue has been caused by people of a young age, however this is not necessarily the case!

An 87 year old woman in Hampshire has been handed with an ASBO (Anti-Social Behaviour Order) after being found guilty of causing severe disruption over the past 13 months. Georgina Sims was reported by her neighbours for playing loud music on her radio and banging her walking stick on the wall to try and drown out ringing in her ears caused by tinnitus. The ASBO was issued upon Mrs Sims as she and her family had previously been warned by the local authority….

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5 April 2012

Soundproof Your Home In Time For Festival Season

The festival season is almost upon us. Although there is no Glastonbury this year, the festival roster still includes the following: Download, V Festival, Reading and Leeds, Bestival and Kendal Calling, not to mention The Stone Roses long-awaited reformation at Heaton Park in Manchester.

For thousands of music revellers, for one, two or three days, it is the perfect opportunity to see and hear all their favourite bands in the great outdoors. For several thousand others, particularly those who live nearby, it could be a living nightmare unless they sound proof their property in time for the summer season….

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13 March 2012

Enjoy Peaceful Weekends With Acoustic Supplies Soundproofing

We All Want To Enjoy Some Peace And Quiet On The Weekends After a busy week at work many of us will…

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