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Noise Is All Around Us

Our lives are surrounded by sounds and noises. However, most of them are annoying, distracting and even disturbing our everyday routines and habits. Melodies, songs and music are the exception. They enrich our lives and can make us feel emotional only with a few lines. However, being talented and good at singing or playing an instrument, as enjoyable as it is for you, might not be as appealing to your neighbours.

Just like anything, being good at what you do takes practice and dedication. However, hearing you practice every day is probably not exactly ‘the dream’ for the old couple living next door. To make peace with the neighbours and at the same time keep practicing with the band in the garage every Sunday there are a few things you can do.

Don’t Believe The Myths

There are numerous urban myths in relation to noise, such as promising that placing egg-boxes on walls will prevent noise and is a good enough option. However, most of the time it provides just a slight improvement and not a real solution. In addition, it is not really nice to look at and will require you to make a lot of omelettes before you have enough material to cover it all.

Another thing that you can do is build thicker walls. It would be even more effective if you build a second wall and leave an open-air space in between. This way sound will have a wider space to spread to and will decrease by the time it reaches outside the building. However, this is a going to take a lot of effort and take up precious space in your house or garage.

Invest In Soundproofing

The most elegant solution for keeping everyone happy would be investing in soundproofing equipment. Acoustic Supplies’ fabulous range of soundproofing systems for walls, flooring, ceiling and doors will provide you with the best solution for keeping your music inside your home while keeping the stylish look of your property.

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