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Let Us Help Get Rid Of Noisy Neighbours

Acoustic Supplies always take into consideration those around us so as not to disturb them in any way. There is nothing worse than having next door neighbours who keep you up until the early hours of the morning with music, shouting or even singing. Sometimes it can even be passing transport that gives you a severe headache and if you live next to major roads or railways there is often little that can be done to stop it.

What Our Products Can Do

When you shop at Acoustic Supplies we can supply you with our noise reducing acoustic enclosures which can be fitted around the perimeter of your property or place of work. The purpose of them is to deflect any noise away from the said building and ensure a peaceful environment for you to work, rest or play in. There is reluctance amongst many Britons in such cases to kick up a fuss as some do not want to be seen as complainers. But noisy neighbours can be a real pain and on some occasions the only answer comes in the form of soundproofing.

We are the leading producer and distributor of such products in the UK so we know what we are talking about. All of our acoustic consultants have extensive expertise in the field of soundproofing and have provided solutions for even the most complex of situations. Our full range of products can be viewed in our downloadable brochure, along with the necessary specifications you need to decide whether the product is right for your individual situation.

If you need a hand in choosing the right sort of product, we can visit your home to get a better indication of what you will require. We can even help you fit and install your chosen product. We do it all at Acoustic Supplies.