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28 January 2013

Reduce The Level Of Noise In Your Home

The Amount Of Noise Complaints Is Increasing Year On Year The level of noise complaints in the UK has been rising over…

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16 January 2013

For A Quieter Home Try Soundproofing

We All Like Some Peace And Quiet When at home you treasure a little bit of peace and tranquillity, but finding it…

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Have a quiet christmas with Acoustic Supplies
5 November 2012

T’is The Season To Soundproof

Don’t Let Neighbours Ruin Your Christmas We are fast approaching the party season and for those not involved it can make some…

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Noisy neighbour problems
10 October 2012

Regain Your Haven Home With Soundproofing

Many Homes Are Affected By Different Levels Of Noise Many different homes in different areas are affected by levels of noise that…

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Woman takes a nap in hammock
13 September 2012

Get A Sound Sleep By Soundproofing

Our rapidly growing population has led to an explosion in house building in order to accommodate the vast amounts of people who live in the UK. With this comes a problem, most notably the issue of noise as the closer we live to one another, the more likely it is that noise will pass from one home or apartment to the other.

The perfect current example of this is a story reported on several online sites detailing the efforts of a flat owner to record a review of his neighbours attempts to perform karaoke throughout the night….

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Woman and dog taking a nap
20 August 2012

Noise, Noise Go Away!

Noisy Neighbours, Public Transport, next door Pop Stars and any other forms of unwanted noise can drive you and your family mad. Since the development of public transport with more buses, more cars and train lines running through town centres it has become almost impossible to get a good nights sleep. Twin that with the amount of people walking down the road late at night creating noise as well as the potential to get neighbours that don’t know their noise levels and you are staring down the barrel at one noisy home….

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Dad reading baby a book in bed
9 August 2012

Be A Thoughtful Neighbour And Cut Out The Noise With Acoustic Supplies

There have been many social and technological changes over the last few decades which have resulted in some rather loud problems. Although there are numerous positives that have come from this change (some examples being games consoles, 3D TV’s and surround sound) the issue is that the positive effects are easy to adapt to where as many people fail to adapt to the negative issues. The main issue we are talking about is of course noise pollution. Remember, many of these technological changes have come from products that produce sound, things that we have not always had and therefore we may be unaware of their negative consequences….

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Peacefully cooking in home
3 August 2012

How Can Soundproofing Benefit You?

A problem that has been around for many years regardless of whether you are the creator or the receiver is excessive noise. Everyone creates their own share of noise but a percentage of the population create noise that is unacceptable and disturbing for those around. There are some forces such as public transport including railways and busy roads which are unavoidable but noisy neighbours are an irritating issue for the population. The vast majority of your neighbours will be respectful and understand that any excessive noise should be kept to a minimum and avoided when possible. For those who are surrounded by noisiness or even just want even more peace and quiet the prospect of installing noise insulation is a sound investment….

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Peaceful bedroom setting
2 August 2012

Keep The Noise Down With The Right Soundproofing

Taking the step of soundproofing your home might seem like an unusual thing to do, soundproofing is something most people would associate with industrial buildings or areas of heavy noise pollution such as near railways and airports. However, sound insulation is something that can benefit every single homeowner regardless of where they live. Ultimately sound pollution does not have a single source, yes, railways, motorways and airports are loud but so is the slamming of a car door at 6 in the morning or the banging of music at 12 at night. All of these can have very noticeable effects on the standard of living a person has; suffering from a chronic lack of sleep due to disturbances can create very serious health issues….

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Guitar in bedroom
12 July 2012

Unleash Your Inner Rock Star With Acoustic Supplies Insulation

It can be very hard to be both a rock star and a good neighbour at the same time; guitars, drums and amps maxed out to 11 all make for a lot of noise. What every aspiring rock star needs first is high quality, reliable and affordable soundproofing. At Acoustic Supplies, we have been providing the very best in home sound insulation for nearly ten years, keeping neighbours happy and the music flowing….

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6 July 2012

Avoid A Possible Conviction When You Soundproof At Home

As the issue of noise has become a growing concern in the UK, so the punishments handed out by local authorities have become stricter and stricter. Anti-Social Behavioural Orders (ASBOs) are now given readily to persistent offenders, whilst others have had their possessions taken away from them and several have been issued with community service, or in some cases, sent to prison.

The UK population continues to grow at a rapid rate so it is understandable that the level of noise as a consequence has grown with it. The amount of cars, buses, motorbikes, taxis etc. has increased, as has air and rail travel.

To help accommodate these growing numbers of people, housing has also substantially increased so as you can imagine millions of people are living within very close proximity of one another….

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Working from home environment
28 June 2012

Soundproofing Is Fit For Every Location

Excess noise can be a real pain. Not only a painful listen for our ears, but when it gets out of hand it can hugely affect our health and overall well-being. No-one should be have to put up with noise if all they want to do is relax in their chosen environment and location.

Soundproofing is a concept that many people will be aware of, but few will have actually employed to try and ward off unwanted noise. This would seem a pity as soundproofing can be installed in a huge variety of locations….

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