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Wall Soundproofing

Acoustic Wall SoundproofingCase Studies

We have been supplying acoustic insulation and damping products for walls for many years and have a long list of satisfied customers.

Each case study illustrates how our solutions have been implemented.
Wall Soundproofing Case Study Elliston Steady & Hawes Building Ltd. While constructing nine new build apartments in Charles St, Ipswich, the client found that the party walls on the project failed the pre-completion acoustic site test.
Premier Inn Chesington Wall Soundproofing Premier Inn Hotel. A perfect night sleep is a guarantee for Premier Inn. Our silent board installations allow outside disturbances to be reduced to an absolute minimum.
NHS Hospital Soundproofing NHS Outpatient, Lyndhurst Road, Sheffield. Flooring and wall soundproofing for the NHS outpatient hospital in Sheffield helped to keep the area quiet. This was achieved with the JCW Silent Board instalaltion.